Finding me time the ultimate challenge

Finding me time: the ultimate challenge

In the fast-paced modern world, it’s hard to find a moment uninterrupted by the ping of a device, let alone a solid half-hour of solitude to focus entirely on yourself. But just because it’s difficult doesn’t make finding me time any less important. In fact, it might mean some quiet… Read more

exercises outside your comfort zone

5 Exercises outside your comfort zone to try

When you work out regularly, it’s hard to keep your fitness routine fresh. There are only so many combinations of curls and hours you can spend on the treadmill before you start to lose interest in the gym. That’s when it’s time to spice things up and head to a… Read more

Spring decorations you can make for less than 10

Spring decorations you can make for less than $10

Spring is in the air. It’s also in the thawing flowers, the budding trees, and the lengthening days. So spring should be inside of your apartment as well. As the seasons shift, you can revamp your home decor by adding a few DIY’ed pieces. And if you’re on a budget,… Read more

Space saving seasonal clothes storage

Space saving seasonal clothes storage solutions

As spring rolls in, it’s time to pack away those knitted sweaters and oversized pea coats and break out the lighter apparel, like long-sleeve tees and denim jackets. But when you live in a smaller space, like an apartment, packing up an entire season’s worth of clothing is a lot… Read more

Planning a party in an apartment common area

Planning a party in an apartment common area

When you’re planning to host a bash that’s too big for your own apartment, there’s an alternative venue right in your building: the shared lounge or clubhouse. There are lots of perks to keeping your party “in-house,” so to speak, especially if you prize convenience. However, before you welcome your… Read more