Jonathan Adler Pottery DIY – After

DIY: Jonathan Adler Upcycled Vases

I can’t get enough of interior design guru Jonathan Adler! From his chic pottery to his vibrant textiles, I’m waiting until the day my home is filled with his patterns and quirky accessories (I LOVE these banana vases). You can imagine how happy I was the day I found a… Read more

Pegboard Clothing Rack

Living a Clutter-Free Life with Pegboard Organization

I was tired of having my necklaces and bracelets scattered everywhere, but then I found pegboards! After I got I started,  I went on a pegboarding spree and it has seriously changed the way I think about organization, I love it!  -AVA

Apartment living room

What Does Your Apartment Style Say About You?

The way you decorate and maintain your apartment says more about you than nearly anything else in life. That may sound drastic but the way you decorate, the cleanliness you exhibit, and the overall vibe of your apartment influences how people think of you. It’s one of many moments people… Read more

A group of friends

Top 10 Suburban Towns for Singles

Family households in American suburban areas often claim the majority of the population, often leaving singles in these areas with little to do. However, there is still hope as several suburban towns are actually singles friendly, providing adequate entertainment and eateries designed with the dating individual in mind. Singles looking… Read more

Library Bookshelf

6 Must-Haves for Every Hipster Apartment

First, some definitions… Hipster: a man or woman in his/her 20’s or 30’s that thrives off of indie-rock, vintage furnishings, ironic/off-beat/untraditional art, skinny jeans, and liberal politics. Apartment: a dwelling that someone pays a monthly fee to reside in. “Apartments” come in one, two, and even three bedroom options, and… Read more