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Upgrade! 4 Makeovers for Boring IKEA Furniture

IKEA is a great resource when searching for furniture for your AVA Burbank apartment for obvious reasons; it’s easy, convenient and budget-friendly. The best part about IKEA furniture is its simplistic styles are easy to customize with a little paint and hardware. Read on to find out how you can… Read more

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Bedroom Décor Inspiration

Deciding on what the overall look of your bedroom will be is one of the most fun (yet challenging) parts of moving into a new apartment. Once you’ve decided on a color scheme though, the process becomes much easier and enjoyable. The best way to pick out a color scheme… Read more

Green Apartment Living

Apartment Living: How to Be Green in Your Space

Everyone wants to go green, but apartment dwellers are sometimes afraid because they feel that they have to make intrusive and permanent changes to the space. No more fears, today there are many simple things that one can do to make sure their apartment is as healthy as can be.

Kitchen Herb Jars

Urban Gardening in Small Spaces

Living within walking distance to shops, restaurants, farmers markets and coffee shops is great for urban living, but besides The High Line, it can be difficult to find open green space to call your own. If you have always wanted to have a backyard for growing your own vegetables and… Read more

Summer Entertaining Essentials

Summer Entertaining Essentials

With the first day of summer right around the corner it’s time to start preparing for hosting barbeques, pool parties, and casual backyard get-togethers. Keep these items on hand for when you decide to have an impromptu party to ensure a fuss-free event. Just add a pool, barbeque, lounge chairs… Read more