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Gear to keep you going in your summer workout

There are so many barriers to working out: your busy schedule, lack of sleep, unforeseen injuries. When the weather gets warm, though, you have one less excuse for skipping your daily sweat session. You don’t even need a gym membership to get a good workout during the balmy summer months—just… Read more


Bike share options — and what to do with them

In their earliest form, bike sharing systems consisted of nothing more than a gung-ho group of concerned citizens and a small fleet of donated bikes. Cities like Portland and Madison both launched bike shares in the ‘90s that allowed the entire public to use bikes scattered around the city, free… Read more


10 New Outdoor Fitness Ideas

When it starts to warm up outside, dragging yourself to the stuffy, muggy gym becomes even more difficult. Why not make the whole world your gym instead? Enjoy the fresh summer breezes with one of these 10 outdoorsy workouts instead of sucking in recycled air on the treadmill. Stand-up paddleboarding…. Read more


10 ways to stay in shape while traveling

When you go on vacation, you probably deviate from your normal routine—including your workout routine. Instead of waking up early to go for a run and then eating those overnight oats you stuck in the fridge the night before, you roll out of bed around 11 and head out for… Read more

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Summer Decorating Ideas

As soon as spring temperatures begin to set in, it’s only natural for your thoughts to jump ahead to summer. Spring showers will soon give way to summer sunshine, and when that transition unfolds, you’ll need to be ready. It’s not just your summer wardrobe you need to think about;… Read more