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How To Create The Perfect Frame Collage

If your Avalon Arlington North apartment is lacking in the wall décor department, consider a frame collage.  Creating a wall collage is a fun, fresh alternative to just selecting one piece of art, plus it allows to to create a dynamic wall filled with inspiration. Follow these steps to create… Read more

bar carts

Be the Ultimate Host with a DIY Bar Cart!

Custom blended mixed drinks are in vogue, and wouldn’t it be great to be able to have a stocked bar in your own AVA High Line home? Many people with small apartments are turning to the vintage bar cart. Whether you buy a new cart that has that old vintage… Read more

house of turquoise blue bedroom

Bedroom Décor Inspiration

Deciding on what the overall look of your bedroom will be is one of the most fun (yet challenging) parts of moving into a new apartment. Once you’ve decided on a color scheme though, the process becomes much easier and enjoyable. The best way to pick out a color scheme… Read more

awesome and simple diy collage

5 Awesome and Simple D.I.Y’s

Summer is here and these long days are perfect for getting together with a group of friends in your AVA apartment and enjoying some simple and fun DIY projects. These five DIY projects found on Pinterest are perfect for an afternoon of crafting and fun. They are inexpensive, easy, and… Read more