10 New Outdoor Fitness Ideas

When your OOTD Instagrams go from cowl-neck sweaters to crop tops, it’s time to hit the gym harder than ever before. The only problem is actually dragging yourself to the crowded, sweaty gym when the weather is so nice outside. Think about canceling your membership for the season and trying… Read more


Finding groups for outdoor fitness

‘Tis the season to get out and enjoy the sunshine, take selfies with friends on the beach, and cancel your gym membership in favor of fresh-air adventures. But if you don’t already have your outdoor fitness class schedule all set for the summer, here are a few ways to find… Read more


10 ways to stay in shape while traveling

Whether you’re constantly traveling for work or always on the go visiting friends around the world, being able to travel is one of the perks of being a young professional. You shouldn’t sacrifice that just because you want to stay in shape. After all, if you don’t travel, how will… Read more

Pick a workout buddy that will make you stick with it

We haven’t actually done the math, but we’d guess that having a workout buddy makes you roughly 1000% more likely to exercise regularly than not having a workout buddy. At least, that’s what those couples who work out together religiously (and document every second of it on Facebook) would lead… Read more

Chocolate chip cookies

How to cheat on your diet and get ahead on fitness

If you’ve found recently that you’re feeling fitness FOMO more than fitspo when you look at Instagram, that could mean you’ve been phoning it in when it comes to exercise and wellness. But we all know being healthy is a tricky balance; you don’t want to obsess over every single… Read more