Empty toilet paper roll recycled as a seedling planter

Ditch the Plastic

Plastic is hard to avoid. The material seems to be everywhere—near our food and drinks, housing our electronic devices, even in our children’s toys. With such pervasiveness, it can be easy to assume that all of these uses are safe. But there is scientific evidence that suggests plastic may be… Read more

Dog and Cat

Apartment tips for your puppy or kitten

A new puppy or kitten can provide a unique, lasting form of companionship, but your new BFF also requires a good deal of work. What’s more, living in an apartment with a puppy or kitten means adhering to guidelines that may be a little bit more involved than those of… Read more

cat blue eyes

5 Pet photography tips

What do pet ownership and photography have in common? Both call for special skills that are honed over time and involve being comfortable with not having total control over a situation. When you put them together, what you get is an endeavor that requires great timing. But in order to… Read more

dogs bed

5 Must haves for apartment pets

On a broad scale, all pets need love, attention, and care from their owners. But apartment pets, in particular, need a little something extra. The main reason for this is that apartment pets typically do not have as much living space available to them as non-apartment pets do, and owners… Read more