Apartment Decorating

Design Styles

5 Popular design styles you can choose from

Changing up the look of your rooms can be intimidating enough before bringing in the jargon. With so many different styles to choose from these days, it can become difficult to understand what is supposed to go together. A good way to start is to step back and look at… Read more

Holiday Decorations

Simple holiday decoration ideas that fit into an apartment

Changing a home’s decor for the holidays is something that many people embrace. It helps to create a festive mood for the season, and enlivens the somewhat dreary colors of the outdoors in the winter through the addition of the shimmering glows of silver, gold, red, and green. No matter… Read more

Autumn Decorating Tips

Autumn decorating tips that won’t fall out of style

Seasonal décor can really make your apartment feel like home. But it’s a lot to keep up with, a lot to store, and if you’re not careful, it can be a lot to spend on something that fades as quickly as the leaves. With these autumn decorating tips, you can… Read more

Clothing Storage

Seasonal clothing storage solutions

Whether fashion or weather dictates the change, it’s time for your summer attire to retire and your autumn apparel to unfold. But in an apartment, this can get tricky, fast. Who has space to spend on clothes you won’t wear for another 6 months? These creative seasonal clothing storage solutions… Read more

Happy Young Carefree Couple Driving Along Country Road in Convertible at Sunset

6 Don’t miss activities before the end of summer

It seems like it just started, but summer is all too close to over. Don’t let this one pass you by without a moment you’ll look back on with joy. Take a weekend road trip. Wherever you are, there’s a destination that’s just a bit too far to travel in… Read more